Blood in Dog’s Stool and Urine – What is Causing It?

The first thing you should know is that blood in dogs urine and stool can be attributed to many different causes with some causes being serious and life threatening while others are illnesses that are treatable.

Parasites or worms are something common in dogs and puppies. Mostly puppies have round worms and need worming at about five weeks of age. They can also have hookworms and other types of parasites. Hookworms can also be present in adult dogs causing blood in dogs stool. The hookworm attaches itself to the lining of the intestines and sucks out the blood for the nourishment it needs to live resulting in blood in dogs stool.

Injury from a fight can cause internal bleeding. Possibly your dog got out of the yard and met up with another dog resulting in a fight. Your dog might have sustained internal injuries causing him to bleed resulting in blood in your dogs stool or urine.

Prostate problems in older male dogs results in blood in dogs urine or stool. An enlarged prostate can be caused either by a prostate gland infection or prostate cancer.

Addition causes for blood in dogs urine are:

1- A blood disorder or a dog with a slow clotting type of blood similar to a hemophiliac but not as severe.

2- Bladder or kidney stones.

3- Your dog might have gotten into the poison the exterminator put down for rodents. The type of poison for rats and mice causes internal bleeding and death.

4- An infection of the uterus common in females after having a litter.

5- A canine urinary tract infection.

Blood in dog urine should not be taken lightly, so make an appointment to have him examined. It has been documented that once a dog has had an infection or urinary problem the odds of it happening again are much greater.

Once the vet examines your dog and confirms his diagnoses that it is a urinary tract infection, you must discuss the kind of treatment to be administered. You can choose the convention antibiotic treatment that carries adverse side effects that can be more dangerous than the illness or a natural remedy that is safe and effective.