Vitra Bathrooms

Vitra was a company that got its start in Istanbul in the year 1942. That was not a time to start a business as the Second World War raged throughout Europe and halted any export of not only earthenware, which were Vitra’s products at the time, but all other imports. After the war Vitra concentrated on their new line of sanitary ware made of ceramic.

Ceramic Sanitary ware was a novelty in the Turkish dominated market but, the ceramic sanitary ware was a huge hit. In 1958 in order to supply the demand for the ceramic sanitary ware a larger manufacturing plant was opened. In 1966 the name, Vitra was adopted as the name of the company. What started as a small plant in Bozuyuk became a complex and in full production by 1977, followed by the manufacture of brassware in 1979 and acrylic bathtubs in 1991 and a bathroom furniture plant in 1992. Today, Vitra has many products in their line of bathroom furnishings; sanitary ware, complementary products, faucets and accessories, bathtub and shower systems, bathroom furniture and tile.

The first export shipment was to Germany in the 1980’s and started the export area of Vitra. It opened a plant in Ireland in 1999.Vitra is the European leader in luxury bathrooms. Vitra believes that the bathroom is a place where we relax and pamper ourselves where flowing water and the furniture around it are one. The bathroom is coming back as not only a functional part of our lives but to take center part in our lives also.

Vitra sees the bathroom as a place where the contemporary persons can spend their time reading and resting and taking personal care of themselves. Vitra is inspired by the luxurious Turkish culture and sees the bathroom as a living space and the heart of our indoor environment. The aesthetics and sophisticated technology used by Vitra changes the way we perceive water and ultimately changes the bathroom.

Vitra continues to grow as a leader in the manufacture and distribution of bathroom fixtures, bathroom accessories and luxury bathroom furniture..