The Thrift’s Guide to Container Gardening – The 7 Essential Tips to Budget Gardening

When times are hard, or if you’re simply feeling in a very creative and hands on mood, great container gardening ideas need not cost the earth!.

  1. Anything can make a great container Your local garbage tip can be a treasure trove. Just make sure that your creative masterpiece can hold a potting mix and has good drainage. Think outside the ‘gardening store’ and go for interesting containers in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. A sink, a boot, crate, chimney, BBQ, what ever takes your fancy.
  2. Jazz up your containers at home with color! There’s no need to buy new ones when a splash of paint would work wonders. Think the beautiful blue and azure containers of Morrocco.
  3. Study Study Study Choose the plants that you’d like to have at home and then do your re-search. Either off line or online, your little specimen’s may vary in price so it pays to look around. Think supermarket in stead of garden centre, and end of season sales instead of prime time. Often the seeds will last for your years.
  4. Look for freebies Explore abandoned lots, roads, yard sales, renovated plots. Just ask before you take. Also networking with friends and family could get you some plantlets or seeds without the effort.
  5. Many municipalities or local councils have cheap compost in bulk And some even give away composters to encourage green recycling of waste. Do some investigation work.
  6. Or if you’re feeling in a particularly green mood, why not make your own compost I recommend a ration of 1:1 between green waste such as grass, food (except meat and bone) and paper.
  7. Waiting a little while could result in some great bargains Wait for the End of season sales. Many seeds retain germination potential for years.

With a few stretches of the imagination you can continue to enjoy your container gardening passion for many seasons to come and all without draining your budget. In fact if you do it right, you could grow a huge collection of plants, flowers and foods which could not only save you money, but put a little extra in your pocket!