Shower Foreplay – The Top 4 Sex in the Shower Tips

Shower foreplay is the secret many couples use to get themselves to that frenzied point where sex is like traveling through the stars at warp speed. Okay, maybe not at warp speed but let’s face it, when two bodies collide with running water trickling down them and stimulating areas you thought didn’t exist it’s passion with a capital “P”.

Shower sex foreplay is great for couples having issues with reaching orgasms, especially women and many times, heading to the bedroom after a session under running water is not needed simply because satisfaction is reached in the shower.

If you haven’t tried foreplay in the shower then what are you waiting for? Women have many sensistive areas all over their bodies and stimulating them in bed is one thing but when you’re stimulating them aided by warm, running water, it seems the sensations are magnified enormously and the pleasure derived is worth screaming about.

Let’s take a look at some shower foreplay tips which at first may seem straightforward but believe me, they can be mind-blowing when put into use.

#1. Space might be an issue with today’s shower designs and one of the solutions is to head down to the local hardware store and grab a shower bench. Flexibility is also required and clamping your bodies together with you holding her leg upright and then motioning the action of intercourse without penetration can be a real heart-starter.

#2. Water running over one’s body acts as a great lubricant however it doesn’t last all that long. Use your hands and the motion of the water to caress her body all over. It’s a light water massage if you like but very stimulating. At the same time kiss her neck and ear lobes.

#3. Next you’ll grab the soap and begin to lather her all over. Gliding your hands over her body in a similar fashion to the above can continue to multiply the sensations she’s feeling at the moment. Remember, this is just foreplay so control the urge to get too connected. That’s going to be saved for the bedroom. Avoid letting soap inside her body. Seriously, don’t do it.

#4. Giving her pleasure orally once she’s been rinsed off can be the match that lights the fuse. She’s refreshed and the scents will certainly be to your liking. It’s a great shower sex foreplay finale before the main event.