Restaurant Interior Design – The Balance of Dining and Ambiance

According to experts, restaurant interior design is as much a part of the dining experience as the food. People are more likely to patronize a restaurant that provides pleasing ambiance along with the good food, than a restaurant that is only known for its good cooking. In order to really succeed in the restaurant business, it is imperative that the restaurant interior design be as wonderful and appealing as the food that you serve.

Catering to the Younger Crowd

There are number of areas that you need to consider when planning your restaurant interior design. First, it will be important to assess the type of customers that you usually cater to, or expect to cater to. Note that you will then need to tailor your restaurant interior design to the needs and the taste of your particular type of customer.

For instance, if your customers are mainly the younger set, you will want to create a more vibrant and lively atmosphere in your restaurant. The shades of your walls should be light to give the area a youthful glow. You will also need to choose modern up-to-date furniture and fixtures to give the room that ultra modern look that suits the younger generation. The choice of music as well will need to be upbeat and well suited for young people.

Catering to the Professionals

On the other hand, if you are planning for an interior design for restaurant to attract and hold the high-end crowd, you will need to check your budget requirements. If your customers are mainly executives who desire some privacy while dining, you might want to set up booths conducive to private business discussions. The shades of your walls can be more muted and subdued. A rich mahogany color would be a great choice. Your décor must also be subdued. No loud colors will do, because this can be irritating for someone who just had a bad day in the office. Loud bold colors will look out of place in a high end restaurant.

Furniture and fixtures must be comfortable, functional and also pleasing to the eye. Make sure that your tables are the right size — not too small and not too big. As for your chairs, opt for comfort. Look for chairs with wide seats and deep cushions. The more comfortable the chairs, the happier your clients will be. And they will stay longer. Keep in mind that you are catering to a group of successful executives and these people look for comfort and style. So serve it to them on a silver platter.