Psychic Pest Control: 5 Ways to Exterminate Your Pesty Thoughts, Feelings and Emotions

Fed up with your thoughts that may sometimes drive you wild with anxiety? Do you have way too many conversations clogging your brain? Are your thoughts, feelings or emotions making you feel tired, sick or depressed?

Have no fear! These over-abundant thoughts, emotions and feelings are what I call “Psychic Pests” and I am about to share with you 5-ways to help you exterminate them so that you can live your full brilliance and manage your anxiety.

Lets get started…

Whenever you feel like you are going to get on your emotional rollercoaster the first thing to do is STOP what you are doing right away.

Take a breath.

Then replace each and every one of your negative thoughts with any combination of the following tips…

1. I know that anxiety is a normal emotion and I can control it. I am not afraid of these feelings and I will relax and distract my thoughts. I know the feelings will pass.

2. I know there are so many great things about me. I am strong, I have many talents, I am very loving and I am confident. I am positive and I radiate good, pure energy. I love life and I am happy to be alive.

3. My strength, enthusiasm and positive energy are greater than any problem that might come my way. I know these problems are just wonderful opportunities to grow.

4. I am positive. I like myself. I am working towards making myself stronger. I accept who I am at this moment, this day, this week. I will feel stronger tomorrow and even stronger in six months.

5. I feel calm. My mind is clear and positive thoughts are drifting in and out. I feel relaxed. I am present with my body, mind and spirit.

The thing to remember is… everyone has stress… even me! Stress is healthy in small amounts and it keeps us alive. Yet, if you let it get out of control, your mind will take over with negative thoughts and the crazy ride on the roller coaster seems to never end.

So before this happens ask yourself this…

Would you rather have stress create those creepy Psychic Pests like anxiety, tiredness, sickness or depression?
Or better yet… would you like to change that stress into something positive so you are able to calm your anxieties, conquer your fears and put YOU in control of your life?

These 5-ways of Psychic Pest Control will help guide you to begin your journey from fear, anxiety and negativity to peace, calmness and strength.