Phoenix Talking Bathroom Scale Review

If you are currently looking for a great talking scale, be sure to check out this Phoenix talking bathroom scale review. We will be discussing some of the features that allow the Phoenix talking scale to distinguish itself amongst many competitive models. Many users consider it the best talking scale for them as it is very appealing aesthetically and user friendly when it comes to getting a weight reading. In this Phoenix talking bathroom scale review, we will cover benefits like not having to strain your eyes or even bend over to see your weight’s reading, as well as factors like the quality of voice announcement, ease of use and scale accuracy.

Phoenix Talking Bathroom Scale – Is The Voice Pleasant?

The ability of the Phoenix talking scale to speak clearly and pleasantly makes it an outstanding option for anyone who is blind or visually challenged. The talking digital scale that articulates your weight in a very audible and likeable voice. Having a pleasing voice announcement is extremely important. If you were to use the scale everyday, you certainly do not want to end up with a scale with a voice that is too loud or mean-sounding.

Ease Of Use

You only need to unpack the Phoenix taking bathroom scale from its box, insert the rectangular 9 volt battery included and that’s it! Tap lightly to turn on the scale. Once on it says “Hello”, a second later says “I’m ready.” This indicates that you step on it. Ensure that you give it a moment of still standing. If you move around the scale will find it hard to give you a factual reading. Immediately it has your reading, the scale articulates it in a comprehensible and lovely female voice. The volume is good and it is appreciated by many users. There is an option for a large digital display if you or other users in the house prefer that the Phoenix talking scale to be silent. The voice can also be switched off completely.

Bathroom Scale Accuracy Rates High

Accuracy is guaranteed with the Phoenix talking scale. It has high quality digital strain gauges which drives it internally. It will also do a reading of your weight to the nearest 0.2 lb or 0.1 kg, and has a capacity of up to 330 lb. This level amount of detail is ideal for people trying to lose weight as it monitors even minor loses.

My Weigh – Great Warranty And Customer Service

When buying items, we want to be guaranteed that we will get worth for the money we spend on items. There maybe situations like scale breakages or readings that are not precise. Not to worry though because Phoenix talking scale is supported by My Weigh, a company that gives this scale a 30-year warranty. This you can never find in any bathroom scale. There isn’t a company in this industry that will give you such a long warranty.

To conclude this Phoenix talking bathroom scale review, we will recap the main points to pay attention when shopping for the ideal scale. It is very precise and customer friendly. It can be used as a digital talking scale alone or as a regular bathroom scale with a large digital display. Either way, you will love using it. Overall, the Phoenix talking bathroom scale makes for a very user-friendly and interesting way for your and your family to watch your weight.