Perks of Dating a Person With a Green Thumb

Good mannered, clean, understanding, compassionate, religious, tall, handsome, rich and the list of what our ideal guy goes on forever that our mom’s grocery list pales in comparison. We have this treasured list of qualities we want in a partner. What we leave out is for the person to ‘have a green thumb’ or who knows how to garden.

We ask why not when these people can give you these perks.

Free fresh flowers

Green thumbs are very good gardeners who are capable of growing even rarest plants. If you are dating one, more often than not, they have many flowering plants in their gardens. You can always use you bae card to pick the beautiful blossoms to decorate your home with. This will give life to your boring room or sad study space. The best thing about your boyfriend or girlfriend being a green thumb is that these beautiful flowers are free. Imagine the how much you will play florists with a bunch of cut flowers!

House smells fragrant all day

As you are free to pick blossoms from their garden, you can always choose those flowers that are really fragrant. An almost limitless supply of these blossoms (courtesy of the significant other) will keep your home smelling like thousands of flowers exploded. Okay, that is an exaggeration. But having someone who can grow fragrant flowers, you can always have blooms not only for decoration but to keep your home smelling good. Did I mention that, of course, these flowers are for free? Yes, now rejoice.

Flower shopping made easy

Green thumbs also have a knack for getting to the local market for great deals for gardening needs. You may not be into gardening, but at some point, you will need gardening tools, equipment. If you need or your friends need a bulk of flowers, they will gladly bring you to florists who offers blooms at discounted prices. Aside from having someone special in your life, you can have practical benefits from dating them. Who says that dating wipes out your wallet?

Adorable DIY plant projects

If you are into do-it-yourself projects, you will have a field day in your partner’s garden. Imagine the craft projects you can do starting with creative and unusual flower pots, flower petal pressing, landscaping. I bet you can see yourself immersed in the garden with your partner doing crafts.

When DIYs are not your kind of thing, having a green thumb partner will introduce you to gardening. You will learn and enjoy a lot. This feeds your relationship, but also your soul.

I am definitely sure that you brought high school ideal-boyfriend list to “green thumb.”