Patiala and Its Wonderful Offerings

The city of Patiala is Punjab state’s southeastern district and lies in the Malwa region. It is Malwas center of education and culture. Although it is one of the newest cities of Punjab, Patiala is popular for its good old fashioned beauty, grandeurs, aristocracy and valuable heritage. As amongst the finest Punjab cities to explore and to dwell, the city offers something for each one.

Patiala Accommodations
Patiala offers you varied choices for accommodations from guest rooms to budget and luxurious hotels. Lodging at deluxe hotels normally cost you from 850 to 1500 Indian Rupee. You can go for Dhillion Residency having only 5 rooms, or opt for bigger Fly Over Classic and Narain Continental hotels having over 30 rooms. Economy hotels include Harpavittar International, Kaka International and Corner Bar.

Patiala Cuisine
Patiala provides food enthusiasts abundant choices. The city is celebrated for its opulent cookery and meat produce. From well-known mutton dishes and exotic chicken to Mutter Paneer and Makki-ki-Roti, Patiala is simply fascinating when it comes to food. Mutter Paneer is an appetizing curry of peas and pieces of homemade cottage cheese cubes while Makki-ki-Roti is a customary North Indian pan fried maize bread topped with a splotch of freshly made butter. Kulfi, a cardamom flavored and milky tasting dessert, is India’s very own version of ice cream! The Ras Malai is sweet tasting ricotta cheese dumplings dipped in syrupy, thickened milk and mild cardamom.

Patiala Attractions
The city offers a lot of absolutely delightful sites for visitors especially those who are architecture fanatics. The mysterious Gurudwara Dukhniwaran Sahib was constructed through the generous giving of Lehal village dwellers of their lands. Try to visit this place as it is deemed that when you pray at this site, you will be lightened of afflictions and misery. If you want to see a temple that draws many Sikh and Hindu followers, the big complex of Kali Temple is the place to be in Patiala. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh built it and brought Goddess Kali’s statue from Bengal to this city.

Or, drop by at the fort of Qila Bahadurgarh which was formerly known as Saifabad and see the glorious citadel built by Maharaja Karam Singh. Another interesting place is the structure of Ijlas-e-Khas which is being utilized as the state’s Electricity Board’s office. It was purposely constructed for the Administrative Secretariat of Punjab. Also among other architectural feasts are the prolific Moti Bagh Palace, enchanting Sheesh Mahal Art Gallery as well as the colonial Rajindra Palace found in the greens of the Baradari Gardens.

Patiala Native Products
Patiala also has diverse exotic products of all shapes and colors. You can decide to pander to the pretty, vibrantly colorful parandis, the traditional handicraft used as tasseled tags for braiding hair. This lovely creation stands for the abounding artistry of the Punjab people.

You can also don the jutti, the indigenous footwear which Patiala is also famous for. Jutties are slip ons and typically made of leather daintily embroidered with multihued beads or threads with some are hand-made. To complete your native Punjabi outfit, you can choose to shop for the Punjabi suits that bear embroidered baghs or phulkaris as shawls. These suits which consist of baggy pants and long top come in variety of designs, hues and prices.

Come and visit Patiala and rediscover history, learn rich culture and experience its charm waiting to revitalize and quiet you down.