Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder – OCD and Constantly Flushing the Toilet

Sometimes the types of OCD that people have can be embarrassing. That is what is great about the internet though. You can find out information discretely and get the help that you need that you would be too embarrassed to get otherwise.

One thing that you don’t have to worry about with this one is that it’s not one of the harder kinds to quit. You just got to think about all the water that you are wasting!

A lot of people with OCD don’t like the idea of wasting things. They are more prone to hoarding.

When you feel like you want to flush the toilet, don’t. Only do it right after you use the bathroom and that’s it. Only flush once and don’t look to see if everything went down ok, just wait until the next time you go, if it didn’t then you can flush again. I would only recommend this to people that have a problem with flushing the toilet over and over again.

A lot of times, people with OCD will doubt what they do and they will feel like they have to do it again just to make sure.

When you know you are facing something like this, you just have to remember that you don’t need to doubt what you have done, just realize that once you do something it’s done and even if you feel like you forgot, don’t worry about it.

Take action: When you do an action, tell yourself that you have done that action and you refuse to do it again until it’s absolutely necessary.