North Cyprus: Discover an Eastern Mediterranean Gem in 2012

Got the travel bug? Why not consider North Cyprus for your 2012 holiday? It’s a Mediterranean paradise unspoiled by the hands of mass tourism. Feel warm golden sand between your toes on half-empty beaches; feast your eyes on dramatic mountainous landscapes, and explore the impressive architecture that tells a story of an island inhabited since before the Ancient Egyptians ruled. It’s all here for you in North Cyprus!

Make your North Cyprus discovery
North Cyprus is in a world of its own – quite literally. Set adrift of the international tourism trail almost 40 years ago, thanks wholly to its complicated history with the Greek-owned South, North Cyprus is a time capsule that harks back to its British colonial influences.

The buildings around the main resort town of Kyrenia look strangely familiar to an older British eye. For the younger generation it could very well feel like you’re on a movie set! Even the town’s letter boxes fit with the storyline.

Quaint it is – and friendly too. But this is just the start.

For many people who visit this Eastern Mediterranean gem, Kyrenia is where they like to base themselves. It is a focal point for the local community and visitors alike, thanks in part to its impressive pre-Crusades Castle, and the romantic harbour over which the castle stands guard.

A Holiday in North Cyprus would not be complete without a tour of Kyrenia Castle. You can climb towers and walk the walls in this magnificent fortress. There’s also a surprise in store in the form of a 2300 year-old shipwreck, now preserved in the castle grounds.

Kyrenia itself is very much geared up for the growing number of visitors who choose North Cyprus as their holiday destination. The shops and restaurants around the town and the harbour are sure not to disappoint. An evening spent harbour-side is one to savour!

Further afield
West from Kyrenia is Guzelyurt Bay. It is here where you’ll discover some of North Cyprus’s protected sea turtle beaches. During the summer and autumn, baby sea turtles can be observed hatching from their eggs on the beach, and making for the sea. It’s a truly amazing sight.

Out towards the East of the island is the sheer magnificence of the Karpaz Peninsula. Wild donkeys roam the countryside on this desolate stretch of land that juts out into the ocean. You’ll find small coves too with pristine beaches baking in the sumptuous Mediterranean sunshine. If you’re after perfect isolation, you’ll find it here.

Going south from Kyrenia takes you into the mountains. Here is a land of fairy-tale castles and hidden ancient churches. The views are simply stunning. On a clear day you can make out the Turkish mainland and the Taurus Mountains.

A Holiday in North Cyprus sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Why not come and explore it for yourself.