Lilly Flowers Gardening Questions

What are these big tall green strappy leaved bulbs that come up in my new yard at the same time as all the other spring bulbs but don’t bloom in the spring?

Those are called Resurection Lillies or Surprise Lillies and they don’t bloom at the same time as all the other bulbs. They don’t even bloom while their leaves are on. They usually bloom around August. They will usually bloom either red or a pale pinkish color and are very large and showy. Watch for them later in the summer than the other bulbs. The bulbs are very large, too. Much larger than your Daffodils or Narcicuss. They provide lots of color in summer in my yard. I also like to add some other bulbs that bloom at other times, such as Star of Bethlehem for the different shape of the flowers.

There are many new hybrid bulbs out on the market now, such as different colors of Daffidols and other types of bulbs. I have really enjoyed the different colors of Daylillies. They bloom at different times of the year than most other bulbs or tubers. They bloom in June and come back every year just like the Spring blooming bulbs do. The Daylillies can be eaten, dipped in batter and fried if you like that sort of thing.

Another bulb flower that I like is the Lilly of the Valley. It’s a very small bulb and small flowers that look like bells and will even bloom on the North side of the house. You can just scatter them on the ground and cover them with a little soil. From one of the smallest bulb flower to the largest is the Tiger Lily. Its very tall, sometimes four feet tall or more. It has some of the neatest spots on it and it’s orange! You would think it would have stripes on it going by its name. It blooms in June after most of the other bulbs have quit. It really puts on a show with many blosoms on each plant.

Gladiola bulbs also bloom in the summer and are very beautiful in the garden or as cut flowers. They come in just about every color of the rainbow. But these bulbs must be lifted out of the ground in the fall any place where one would get frost or freezing weather. They are lovely but I am not planning on planting any bulb over year after year. That’s why I like bulbs in the first place because they give you a lot of color for a months at a time. They only have to be planted once and they’ll keep multiplying for years and years. They’re much more prolific than seeds and will last for a long time. Just don’t plant them under any trees or they may not bloom.