Hydroponic Supplies You Need for a Productive Garden

Those who are new to hydroponic gardening often overbuy on supplies that they possibly may not need when first starting out. After all, the very basic hydroponic supplies that you need when starting out can readily be found in and around your home! Use these first before expanding to the more expensive hydroponic supplies. Beginning tables for your plants can include items as simple as plastic tubs and a child’s swimming pool!

You may wish to purchase a kit called a ‘plug and go’ hydroponic gardening kit. These kits will include everything you need – nutrient solution, plant cubes, heating pad, and seeds. The only additional items that you need to add are sun and water.

As a hydroponic gardener you will need a dedicated space for your gardening. An easy to install ‘grow room’ is preferred for the beginner. This can usually be completely installed in less than an hour and the price can range from $250 to over $500 depending on the features.

A small greenhouse can be considerably be more expensive. Depending on the features, the cost of a greenhouse will range from $500 to a few thousand dollars. A greenhouse will typically need a cement floor and drainage system, or some other kind of flooring such as gravel.

A temperature control unit will be necessary depending on how many plants you will be growing in your grow room or greenhouse. Usually the more plants you have the hotter your greenhouse will be. The temperature control unit will turn the fans or blowers on. It can also be set up to open and close the air ducts.

Hydroponic gardeners also use a special type of lighting – blue and green spectrum lights. These are instrumental in increasing plant growth.

As you become more skilled at hydroponic gardening you can will upgrade to a more advanced irrigation and drainage system. The plant types and quantities that you are growing will determine what other equipment you will need.

The typical hydroponic supplies that you will be purchasing over time are a temperature control unit, light fixtures for your blue and red spectrum lights, heating mats, exhaust fan, an aeration system and other incidentals.

Beginners will find all of their hydroponic supplies at a hydro shop. They specialize in selling hydroponic gardening supplies and are very helpful in giving useful and practical advice. You will also find the fellow gardeners to be more than willing to help.