How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

You could be having some kitchen cabinets in your house whose frames and doors are structurally sound but need to be renovated. One of the best ways to bring them to life is to paint them with their original colors. The process of Painting your kitchen cabinet is very easy and affordable and you can have attractive colors if you do it yourself. Here are some tips on how to paint kitchen cabinets that you should take into consideration.

1) The most important step about undertaking this project is the preparation of the cabinet for painting. Use a heavy duty cleaner on some warm soapy water to remove the grease and cooking oils that may have spilled along the sides of the cabinet.

2) Remove pulls, knobs, handles and hinges from the cabinet with the help of a manual screwdriver. Remove the drawers and also the knobs and handles on them. It is advisable to remove the doors to the cabinet, as it will make your job much easier.

3) You will require a brush, a roller and spray gun to paint your piece of furniture. If you use Spray guns, you will find that they are better though more expensive. A roller is the best and quickest option for you and its also less expensive. Before starting the painting process, cover the counter tops with a piece of used newspaper or cotton cloth to prevent them from having paint marks.

4) This is how to paint kitchen cabinets; Use a medium grit sandpaper to roughen the cabinet so that the paint sticks to the surface. Remove the sandpaper debris using a sticky cloth. Apply a primer coat with a spray gun and then allow it to dry. Apply cabinet and vanity paint to the cabinet front and panels making sure that the paint is spread evenly. Replace the pulls, hinges, knobs and the drawer.

I have taken you through the process of how to paint kitchen cabinets. It should take you a day or so to complete these tasks on your own.