Household Water Filter – Get to Know the Facts Before You Buy

Let’s face it! We are all concerned about the safety of the water that we use in our homes. Many people believe that solving this issue is a simple matter of buying a household water filter. However, you should know that not all systems are created equally. If you’re planning on making a purchasing decision in the near future, it may help to get to know the facts before you buy.

1. There is more to clean water than just drinking.

Water that is safe and clean to drink is definitely a priority. However, you also need to consider your clean cooking, showering and bathing needs as well.

If you’re only looking at sink water filters and forgetting about the tub and shower, you and your family will still be exposed to elevated levels of chlorine.

The steam that is created during a bath or shower contains potentially dangerous chlorine gas which can irritate lungs and create problems for people with breathing sensitivities.

2. Substituting bottled water for a household water filter is an inadequate solution.

You probably already know this, but the superiority of bottled water over tap has been disproved. As people continue to become aware of this fad that is more about making money then providing a healthy alternative to contaminated water, you will see the demand for a reliable household filter increase.

Consumers are also concerned about the tremendous environmental waste created by millions of plastic bottles.

3. Beware of older systems that require costly extras and excessive upkeep.

Older systems like distillation and reverse osmosis are still available and remain popular. However, these systems have serious drawbacks that newer technologies don’t struggle with.

One of the more serious drawbacks is the fact that they require the addition of a carbon filter to remove many toxins and bacteria that the main system isn’t able to handle. These filters must be purchased and replaced on a regular basis in order to ensure the safety of your water.

Older filtration appliances can be expensive to begin with and having a recurring expense after the initial purchase can become more than a consumer bargained for.

4. A better household water filter solution?

I’m a strong believer in new technologies. With the passage of time, operational bugs and drawbacks get worked out and systems become more efficient and affordable.

Multi-stage filtration is the latest development in effective, convenient and affordable water filtration. Not only has this technology has been able to expand the scope of the chemical toxins and bacteria that it is able to remove, but it also provides your family with a convenient source of health-supporting minerals.

Unlike the older technologies that strip out healthful minerals along with contaminants, multi-stage filtration leaves in the good and gets rid of the bad. As a result, your family is treated to water that not only tastes good but is good for you too!

Engineers of this amazing technology have made it available in a wide variety of appliances, such as whole house, shower and sink water filters. If you want to see what these appliances look like just stop by my web site. There, you can also get to know more facts about choosing the best household water filter.