Go Green With an Energy Efficient Swimming Pool

Do you want a pool, but almost feel guilty when you consider the environment? There is no need to be worried, though: it is possible to have the best of both worlds with an energy efficient swimming pool! There are plenty of reasons why you would want eco-friendly pool chemicals instead of traditional chlorine: playing roulette with skin and eye irritation every time you try to manage your pool’s chemical levels is no way to spend your summer. With an energy efficient pool, it’s not just about the lower monthly electric cost of running your pool pump; it is about the overall health benefits to you and your family.

Consider This when Buying a Pool

Here are six tips for you to consider when going green and “taking the plunge” of buying a pool.

Electrolytic Cell Warranty – Salt water pools use an electrolytic cell which can become corroded over time. Look for a company that stands behind their product, whether you choose saltwater or chlorinated fresh water. As with any pool, a warranty is very important because it speaks to the confidence in the manufacturer’s integrity.

Quality of Filtration System – By far, this is one of the most important aspects of any pool, especially an energy efficient pool. Some conventional filter cartridges may be cheaper, but require more cleaning and frequent changing; creating less financial and energy savings for you. Filters of higher standards often times only require one cleaning for an entire season!

Water Consumption – When looking for an energy efficient swimming pool, be sure to compare manufacturers’ water consumption estimates closely; be sure to look at the initial fill, first season, three to six seasons, ten seasons and the estimated consumption after ten seasons. Considering that an energy efficient pool is such a huge investment, you want to be sure it will provide the least amount of water consumption as seasons pass.

What’s Really in Those Chemicals – When performing swimming pool chemical maintenance, it’s important to follow your pool manufacturer’s instructions to the letter, and use only the manufacturer’s recommended premium quality eco-friendly pool chemicals.

Choose a Knowledgeable Manufacturer – When choosing your energy efficient pool, it is imperative that you place your trust only in a manufacturer who is willing to educate the consumer. This is usually a tell-tale sign of whether the pool builder is strictly interested in making a sale or is genuinely concerned with helping you make the best choice for your family, your budget, and the environment.

Innovative Technology – The “going green” energy efficiency initiative, as a whole, is continually changing and advancing; as technology expands, so does the ability to come up with innovative ideas in making energy efficient swimming pools ever less costly to install and run, and better for the Earth, too. Make sure your pool manufacturer is aware of the latest advances in swimming pool chemical maintenance and energy efficient pool design.

Choosing an energy efficient pool over a traditional water-guzzling, energy-sapping pool is an excellent step towards doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint while at the same time allowing you the enjoyment of a swimming pool! By taking into consideration the six tips above, you’ll be able to choose a reputable manufacturer and get the maximum efficiency out of your new pool!