Give Your Bathroom A Luxurious Makeover – Simple Tips

If you want to add an elegant touch to your bathroom and make it look classy, then you should think about accessories. Bathroom is a place where one comes to relax after a long hard day at work so one should make sure that the bathroom gives off a relaxing and serene feel at all times. If you’re not afraid to spend some cash for your bathroom, then there are a lot of options for you to explore. Having luxury bathroom accessories can completely give your bathroom a makeover. Luxurious accessories for the bathroom give it a unique vintage look.

First of all, clear out all the clutter away from your bathroom. Take out all the things you don’t use and throw them away. You might also need to rethink about the storage area. A clutter free bathroom not only makes it safe to move around but you also get a clean feel. Having in-built wall cabinets are a good idea. If you install an in built cabinet you can use that extra space to put in some indoor plants in your bathroom as well. Decorative plants never fail to give bathrooms a classy edge. Luxury bathrooms look best in shades of rust, golden peach and colors of serene green. Do whatever makes your bathroom look fresh and vintage. You can also hire or consult an interior designer to help you plan it all out.

For the floors, you should trust Moroccan décor. They use stone platforms for the floors which keep the bathroom temperature down and give the whole place an amazing and royal feel. These are pretty expensive. You can settle for vinyl tiles which are available in faux stone settings as well. Next, you should check for the lighting and ventilation. Have lamp shades and choose the ones which give the bathroom a rustic and mystified look. Moroccan lampshades are the best and they come in several wonderful classy designs. Luxury bathrooms should always be well lit and highlighted.

When you build your vanity cabinet you have to make sure it has various shelves to categorize medicines, cosmetics and other toiletries separately. Choose a design which has nice borders in gold or copper undertones. Also you should have towel racks. Heated towel racks are very popular these days when it comes to luxury bathroom accessories. So use these simple tips to turn your bathroom into a very inviting and cozy place. Also when the guests come over, you can show off your brand new vintage bathroom with pride.