Getting Rid of Raccoons – Effective Do-It-Yourself Repellents

Raccoons are those home pests that do not seem frightening and scary at first sight. If you have ever seen them, then you know what I mean. With their long striped tails, curious snouts and little hands, they look adorable, funny and even cute. In reality, though, these pests can do serious harm to your home and garden. They consume almost everything they find, be it pet food or garbage. If there is something they cannot eat, they just scatter it around your garden, thus spoiling the look of your yard. Furthermore, some raccoons may have rabies, which poses serious threat to human health and even life. The conclusion is as follows: if you suspect that there are raccoons in your dwelling, getting rid of them should become a priority to you.

Getting Rid of Raccoons – Safe and Efficient Ways

Nowadays, there are several methods that can help you get rid of these pests. Though different chemicals, powders and sprays seem quite effective,they may pose danger to other pets you have at home and even to your family members. This especially concerns families with children. If you are looking for safe but effective methods of raccoon removal, pay attention to the following DIY repellents you can make at home:


It is not a secret that raccoons have a sharp sense of smell, which means that you can use substances that have strong and unpleasant odors to discourage these pests from showing their sly snouts in your garden. Ammonia is one of the best substances you can use with this purpose. This substance affects both the eyes and the nose of the pest, thus making it go away from your yard. To use ammonia, just soak up a piece of cloth in it and place it around that area, where raccoons show up more often.

·Moth balls / moth crystals

You may be surprised to find out that these small crystals can help you get rid of raccoons in quite a short period of time. By the way, many repellents contain moth balls and, thus, are very effective. So, why not try using a DIY repellent of this kind at home?

·Coyote Feces or Urine

The idea of using coyote feces or urine seems quite strange and unpleasant, but it really works! As far as coyotes are the main raccoon predators, these pests try to avoid areas where these animals live. So, you should not have any doubts about the fact that they will go away from any territory where they smell the presence of these predators. Just spray coyote urine or spread around their feces and the problem will be solved. Luckily, this product is available in most natural shops both in your city and online.


Vinegar is one of those products most people have at home. So, there is no need to shop for it in case of necessity. Apple cider vinegar is extremely effective when it comes to raccoon elimination. Just mix it with water and spray it around the affected area. As soon as raccoons smell it, they will surely go away.