Confused by a Shower of Roses

Dear Friends! These past few days were a whirlwind of St. Therese. She was everywhere in my life, so much so that at some point I even asked her to help me establish an exact system of communication, so I will not get confused in her shower of roses. Indeed, I ran to my altar and presented to her a clear but complex system for interpreting the roses, a deformed idea born of a desperate mind. What confused me for a minute or two was that now a person who knew about my devotion to the Little Flower sent me a rose. A Digital one, yes, but it is still a rose, and I grew angry at them for playing the role of St. Therese, as they knowingly sent me the sign that means so much to me. St. Therese’s shower of roses is very important to me. It is through these roses that she communicates with me; the roses are the only tool I have to understand her divine message, and I find that when people knowingly assume the role of this saint and act on her behalf, my channel with her becomes corrupted, and I get confused about what to believe. But having uttered my harsh words, I immediately grew ashamed of myself for lashing out even if it was only to protect this clear channel.

I grew ashamed because different thoughts started to occur to me: how do I know that St. Therese did not use this person as her tool to send me yet another message even if this person knew that roses had a special meaning to me? How do I know that it was not St. Therese to inspire them to think of me when they saw that picture of a rose? Who am I to limit St. Therese’s divine expressions, to curb her enthusiasm and deflate her kind heart? How do I know that in her great love for me she just did not want to please me more by sending me more and more roses? After all, she promised a shower of roses as a sign of her love for us. So what am I complaining about when it is here? Does it really matter from where they fall?

Now that so many know that these roses are important to me, will all who know about it be suddenly forbidden to even mention the word “rose” in my presence? That is just unreasonable, small-minded and most of all ungrateful, and I don’t think St. Therese would want me to follow this ill line of logic. In fact, it does not matter at all that so many know that roses are important to me; what matters is that I have never told anyone when I have been doing a novena or when I have made a request for a sign. That is private, as it is the colour of the rose I have requested to be the sign.

So, I ran back to my altar again, apologized and told St. Therese to forget the clear but complex system I tried to force upon her earlier, and to just send me her roses at any time she feels I need them and through anyone she pleases, the more the better, but together with the roses, to send me also a clear feeling that tells me that they are from her indeed. And I know she will do this for me. She would not want her devoted admirers to become confused and obsessed with all the roses they see. She always has been and always will be clear about her roses; her timing is always impeccable, her message is always clear, the impact is always emotional, and her message is always unmistakable. She is never ambiguous. It was I who, with my human brain and desperate attempts to systemize and secure a divine system, overcomplicated things.

So now, will I accept the digital rose I got yesterday from someone who was aware of my devotion to St. Therese and my enthusiasm for her roses, as a rose from St. Therese? Yes, I will. I will because this rose came at the perfect time, only an hour after I had presented something to St. Therese. Of this, the person did not know. In fact, it was the very first digital rose they have ever sent to me.

I am only sorry I had uttered the harsh words even if it was out of desire to keep my communication with St. Therese clear. I spent a long time apologizing to her for my insensitivity as well as to the person who I so wrongly called an impostor. I hope that St. Therese will forgive me and will continue to communicate with me in her loving way. As I hope will my friend.

I asked for a shower of roses, and it still keeps falling. Now, I must give it the freedom it needs to fall and forget all the systems that I was tempted to impose on these divine messages. Thanks to God, my small-mindedness cleared up in a minute or two.