China Mass Production Inferiority Strikes Acai Berries As Well?

Every product you buy these days, or at least some variant of it, seems to have been made in China. With a population that dwarfs that of any other nation in the world and rather relaxed labor standards, China has become the global center of manufacturing for mass production. And just when you thought that Acai berries, which are indigenous to the Amazon rainforests, could not involve the Chinese mega-machine, Acai berry extract products are now somehow being produced there.

But mass production does not often translate into superior quality, and this is certainly the case with Chinese Acai berry products.

Because of the popularity of Acai products in today’s health and supplement-rich market, many bargain-minded manufacturers have outsourced their Acai berry farming to China. This translates into Acai palm trees, that normally thrive only along the banks of the Amazon river, being grown in Chinese harvesting greenhouses to accelerate the amount of Acai berries that one can yield versus relying solely on Brazil’s limited supply.

What these manufacturers do not understand, however, is that the Acai palm alone cannot account for the amazing properties of its fruit. The nutrients that eventually make their way into Acai berries are drawn from the water of the Amazon river, whose unique properties are what make the Acai berry so incredible. The result? Chinese-grown Acai berries are far less nutritious and effective.

Even more alarming is that Chinese farmers rely on insecticides and various types of fertilizers to grow the Acai palms, which could lead to chemical poisoning and other ailments associated with the use of these artificial methods.

Too many dishonest manufacturers are even now taking advantage of hapless consumers by putting these inferior products on the market, hoping that people will snap up anything that contains the word “Acai” in its list of ingredients.

Be careful where you buy your Acai berry extract products. Prioritize quality over quantity, and make sure you only order the genuine article, instead of a cheap Chinese knockoff.