Can You Wax Bamboo Floors?

All bamboo floors on the market come with a surface finish, with ceramic and aluminum-oxide being very popular for its scratch resistance and durability. As with hardwood floors, mixing surface finishes with wax finishes is not an option, but does it make it impossible to use wax on a bamboo floor?

The common answer would be, don’t use wax if you can afford to maintain and recoat a surface finish. Another advice you will often hear is, never use wax on top of the surface finish. It’s all valid, of course, but depending on the type of bamboo floor, you can actually use wax if you really must do so, but it’s not as straightforward as you might have imagined.

It takes as much as sanding off the original finish and refinishing the floor with wax. It’s the same procedure that is followed for wood floors. Keep in mind that once done, you are unlikely to be able to switch back to a surface finish ever again. The wax seeps into the bamboo and layers underneath, so even a thorough resand on a solid bamboo floor might not remove all the wax.

Another issue is that once you go the wax way, you will have to rewax and buff the floor regularly to keep it in top condition, just like with a wood floor. A factor that may deny you the chance to switch to a wax finish is the type of bamboo flooring. Sure, solid floors are always good candidates, but with the special chemicals and processes used in the making of some strand woven and engineered bamboo floors, you’d be better off asking the manufacturer for advice. I won’t even mention the expensive hand scrapped floors who require completely specialized sanding and refinishing if you’re to keep their original look.

When it comes to visual appearance, you will most likely notice a change, especially to a natural bamboo floor. Carbonized floors color may be less affected, but it depends on the level of carbonization and the wax brand you’re going to use.

As you might have guessed it, once wax goes in contact with the floor, your warranty would be void and gone. Take serious consideration before taking such a decision and if there’s any chance to avoid the use of wax, please do so.