Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Materials Used For Bathroom Vanities

For most people, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms of the entire house. In fact this is one such room where you can probably spend the most personal and private moments of your life. So the need to keep this important room neat and well kept is very crucial. It is also important that your bathroom looks good and comfortable. Most US citizens residing in major cities like San Diego (CA) and National City (CA) take special care in their bath remodeling process so that this important room is always neat and tidy with a look of elegance.

In today’s world there are various types of materials used to make bathroom vanities. These may be made out of solid hardwood, glass, laminate, and medium density fiber-wood to name a few. However, there are numerous myths related to these materials. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of using different types of materials for vanities which can be a major part of any bath remodeling plan:

* Medium Density Fiber-wood (MDF): This is a composite wood product composed out of wood waste fibers which are glued together with pressure, heat and resin. Due to its primary features like uniformity and smoothness, MDF can be used in a number of applications. MDF also does not swell or shrink in changing humidity levels, so it is a wonderful material used to manufacture bathroom furniture. In numerous homes all across US cities like San Diego (CA) and Bonita (CA) you will find a number of homeowners using vanities made of MDF because of its durability and other good features.

* Laminate: This material is available in a wide variety of textures and colors like stone, wood pattern, solid colors, and marble. Due to its ease of care and durability, laminates are mostly used in commercial jobs.

* Glass: It is very simple to take care of glass cabinets however, these have very limited space. Most of these vanities come with open shelves for storing things but you need some sort of planning when it comes to keeping things inside since it is visible to all. Vanities made of glass are normally quite costly and these are often mixed with chrome to give it a sophisticated look.