Add A Laufen Basin For A Finishing Touch To Any Bathroom

There are many elements that make up the overall design of a bathroom. Be it a half bath, full bath, or bathroom suite, a little careful attention to detail can take the layout and design from basic to beautiful. A quality finishing touch like a Laufen basin adds just the right amount of flair to complete any look.

When you choose a Laufen basin, you’re choosing superior craftsmanship. The Laufen company has been producing ceramic fixtures since 1892, and today continues the tradition with a variety of classic, modern, and even quirky designs to enhance any bathroom. Their design collections combine Swiss precision with artistic form, offering beauty and quality to match your personal style.

Basins are a basic fixture of all bathrooms, something that family, friends, and guests will see and make use of. A Laufen basin completes the look of your bathroom by adding subtle, attractive lines and shapes. Pedestal or countertop basins work well in classic bathroom designs, while the more modern bathroom may benefit from a wall-mounted basin.

There are many styles of basins to choose from in Laufen’s varied bathroom collections. Soft, rounded lines and inspirations from both art and nature characterize their Gallery, Palomba, and Ilbagnoalessi Online collections. For a sharper, minimalistic design, you may wish to choose a Laufen basin from the Moderna, Laufen Pro, or Mimo sets. Products from Living by Laufen and Mylife help to create a truly personal, relaxing bathroom experience.

Even kids need a bathroom that caters to their needs. Imagine giving your little ones a Laufen basin that is not only practical, but cute, attractive, and easy for them to use. The Florakids collection lets you do just that with basins available in many colors, fun shapes, and kid-friendly sizes.