5 Benefits of Gardens & Gardening

Life was created in the Garden of Eden. Since then ‘we’ have always had infinity with the environment in which we surround ourselves.

1 Nature’s Teachings:

The teachings and experiences gained from our gardens are manifest. We enjoy the sense of expectation and excitement as we prepare the soil, plant the seeds, perform the watering, nurture the seedlings to growth, harvest the crops and then taste the delights at our tables. The dedication to these actions teaches us fundamental elements that are necessary in our everyday lives discipline, responsibility, patience and reward. Thus, providing an environment to enable our children to assist us in the garden has many benefits all round.

2 Exercise:

Whether you are physically able bodied or disabled there are many activities for you in the garden. Gardening offers physical exercise in many forms to all ages. Calories are burnt at a much faster rate than people think whilst gardening, thus our bodies are nurtured towards greater physical fitness.

3 Diet:

By choosing what to grow in our gardens and how to grow it, can enhance our dietary well being. Home grown produce has been shown to provide us greater nutritional value to our diets than those foods shipped from afar.

Remember also, you will be receiving the necessary Vitamin D synthesis whilst out in the sunshine which is an added bonus! Always remember to apply sunscreen through.

4 Psychologically:

Gardens and gardening take us away from the hustle and bustle of our hectic lifestyles, providing us with relaxation and enjoyment. Research has shown that stresses can be reduced with time spent in the garden. Blood pressures have been recorded lower and depressions lifted, even children with ADD have been shown to have more spent more time concentrating following time spent in a garden.

5 Social Connection:

Our gardens provide us with a place to entertain or share with our families and friends. The possibility of joining a group of people with the same interests, the ability to share accomplishments i.e. that extra large pumpkin!

With the state of the economy at present, communal gardens and victory gardens are on the rise within local communities who are banding together in the pursuit of attaining greater yields of produce through shared labors. So why not check out your local area for information and consider joining a loca group of likeminded individuals.